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September 2011

Award winning HR expert, Angela O Connor has launched the HR Lounge, a boutique consultancy that offers a unique blend of HR services to a range of public and private sector organisations.   

A passionate problem solver, Angela's goals are to help businesses and organisations achieve the very best through strategic HR advice and robust HR policies. 

With more than 30 years experience in the HR field in a variety of organisations, Angela identified a gap in the market in terms of HR and learning and development services.

"As a client I wanted to deal with HR organisations that were run by people who had hands-on experience and a track record of success in delivering excellent services in tough, competitive and complex situations, says Angela. 

"I decided that my unique career history gave me the opportunity to put my money where my mouth is and do it myself by setting up my own company to meet this need", continued Angela. 

The objectives of the HR Lounge are straightforward: to help organisations solve some of the difficult people issues they face through protecting their organisations reputation, supporting them in delivering their objectives and developing their people. In delivering these, the HR Lounge does not sell complex processes than an organisation really doesn't need or send in junior staff to learn at the cost of the client. This is something Angela is passionate about. 

"The HR Lounge only offers the services of senior, well-seasoned HR experts who are at the top of their profession", announces Angela.

"The greatest challenge to HR today is that too many HR solutions are complex, expensive and don't do what they say on the tin", Angela explains. "The most important service HR can offer is to understand that they are there to support the organisation, to make it easy for those who run the business to get on with their jobs and to give each and every employee the opportunity and environment to deliver their best work".

The HR Lounge will do just that. It will provide its clients with direct support from interims. These highly skilled people are overqualified for their roles so as to hit the ground running. 

"From developing board members, to evaluating learning and development programmes, managing complex problems or streamlining resources, The HR Lounge can help our clients achieve their business objective quickly efficiently and at a reasonable cost," explains Angela. 

"I'm really looking forward to the challenges ahead. I love HR with a passion and feel privileged that I can now use my skills and experience and those of my Associates, to add value to many other companies. 

"I called the company The HR Lounge as I want it to be a place where people are listened to by the very best HR professionals in the UK. It's a company that deals with even the most complex of HR issues in a personable and professional way. Add in that a vital cuppa and that's what we are all about," concludes Angela. 

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