December 2010

Indian Police Academy

In December 2010, Angela was invited to become part of the faculty of the Institute of Criminology at Cambridge University and to teach in the Hyderabad Police Academy.

The delegates were over 100 chief constables and equivalents from a range of areas across India. The faculty was made up of serving and past police officers and staff from England, Australia, the USA and India as well as a range of academics. Angela's specialist subjects were global best practice in human resources and developments in training, leadership and succession planning. The exceptional team that Cambridge University had drawn together consisted of a high calibre group of professionals under the leadership of Professor Larry Sherman and Lord Ian Blair. The programme was demanding for both lecturers and delegates with workshops starting in the early morning and continued on late into each evening.

Commenting on the Programme,  Angela said: "From a number of perspectives this event was an excellent learning opportunity for everyone associated with it and I'll be sharing more of the details in due course. Thanks to both Cambridge University for inviting me and to my employers the NPIA  for giving me the opportunity to participate in a global learning event with other policing colleagues".

Angela's presentations can be downloaded here:
Global best practice in HR
Developing our Future Talent