November 2010

Leading Powerful Partnerships

“The Leading Powerful Partnerships (LPP) programme is a unique opportunity for senior leaders to share ideas and experiences with colleagues across the public sector” says Angela O’Connor, Chief People Officer at the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA).

In these challenging times it is vital that public sector leaders are better equipped to play an active role in partnerships. The LPP is a cutting edge, five-day programme supported by the Home Office, which brings together leaders from across public sectors to build strategic capability and partnership working.

The LPP asks participants to embrace the challenges ahead and seize opportunities by undertaking three major exercises that enhance their ability to think strategically working in partnership and consider how they can deliver better services at lower cost. An independent evaluator measures the success of the programme and its impact in the workplace.

Over 200 leaders from across the public sector have benefitted from the LPP programme, learning transferable skills that can be applied to other areas of leadership. The LPP’s diversity of leaders is one of its strengths; as interaction between various public sector backgrounds leads to different ideas and ways of problem-solving.

Feedback from participants has shown that they need to increase their understanding of other organisations’ perspectives. Angela says: “It’s a sign of the programme’s success that increasing numbers of delegates from non-police organisations wish to attend.”

For a full review of the LPP programme visit or download a copy of the full article from Police Professional November 2010 here.