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The Equality Bill 2010

The Equality Bill came into Force in 2010. Angela took part in a podcast for Public Sector HR series. With Angela Mason, OBE, and National Advisor for Equality and Diversity at the IDeA. In the interview Angela touched on the following subjects:

BRINGING TOGETHER THE LEGISLATION COVERING DISCRIMINATION – which should mean greater transparency and strengthening of the requirement for public bodies to tackle discrimination through their purchasing function

  • ENFORCEMENT TRIBUNALS - will be able to make recommendations that impact on organisations rather than just on the individuals
  • DECLUTTERING THE LAW - legislation will become simpler, more focused on outcomes and move away from the obsession with process
  • PAY AUDITS - are a positive opportunity for the public sector to get its act together in terms of equalities and to make a difference

Some of the things HR teams need to consider in preparation for the introduction of the bill are:

  • CLARITY ABOUT BASIC DATA - in terms of what you know about the make-up of the organisation, how they are paid. What they do and the activities they impact on
  • LOOK AT TRENDS ANALYSIS - identify what the information means in terms of recruitment and progression
  • UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN QUALITATIVE AND QUANTATIVE DATA - and use both in order to understand the journey that people make in the organisation as well as looking at the numbers
  • LONG TERM PLANNING - don't jump to the legistative tune, this is about sustainable, long term improvement so look at the 5, 7 and 10 years range
  • LOOK AT ROLE MODELLING - the HR Community should be taking the lead and role modelling within their departments
  • SHARE GOOD PRACTICE - there are great examples of public sector organisations already doing this brilliantly - do more sharing, stealing and borrowing

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